10 Factors

Blocking Your


You cannot get where you are
going until you can see what's
in your way of getting there. 
This self-assessment is designed
to help you see the gap between
you and your best damn life.


Leveling up in today's world is all about inner work and transformation. Nose-to-the-grindstone hard work is wearing itself thin. With the former best strategies and tactics, even the highest achievements are still unfulfilling when you are exhausted, burnt out, and uninspired. A time of achieving your goals from a heart-centered space is upon us.

Living your deepest desires is set into motion with acknowledgment of those desires and what's holding you back. Creating your fullest life requires knowing where you stand, where you're headed, and how to close the gap.

This self-assessment is the perfect place to get on the accelerated track to manifesting a life you love.


Before starting this self-assessment, I want you to know something - you are always doing the best with what you know. This assessment is a new tool that will cause new awareness for you. It will open your eyes. I invite you to open your heart at the same time. For continued support, I have created a free mini-course for you, 3 Keys To Moving The Needle!

Clients who have closed the gap...

Tiffany N.

"Abigail's support, help, and confidence in me boosted my self-confidence 10-fold. I am succeeding beyond my dreams in my business, my personal relationships are extremely strong and satisfying, and I am at peace with myself, my journey, and my future."

Gina S.

"I found myself in a dark room of motherhood and wifehood losing my own personal identity. I knew where I wanted to be but had no sense of direction. Abigail stood beside me and held the flashlight! I no longer wonder how dark or small my room can get, I only imagine how much bigger and brighter it will become!"

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