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When I walked into the room at my first transformational workshop, I heard the experienced participants speaking a language I had never heard with my ears, but I immediately recognized with my heart. I was blown away by the environment and knew I was 'home.' I was in a familiar space, with like-hearted people that were interested in a conversation beyond the norm, deeper than the surface. In a short two-hour workshop, I knew I had found my path in life.

I started getting more deeply involved in communities where transformation and elevation were the conversation and I felt like I could spread my wings. What I found in my ventures is that there a lot of people out there like me, looking for more like-hearted people to grow with.

That is what sparked the idea in my head to build a community where people consciously creating their most fulfilling lives can come together to connect, encourage each other, and thrive.

How the Hearts Unleashed Membership can transform your life

Change is like a fad diet. Transformation is a lifestyle change. With the Hearts Unleashed Membership, we are offering year-round coaching support that can keep you inspired and on track month after month. From individual inner work to community conversation, HUM is designed to help shift the quality and direction of your life in a positive and lasting way.

The Hearts Unleashed Membership was created to have coaching and community available all year long. This membership is designed to keep you on track with empowering mantras, exclusive content, daily reminders, and individual and group coaching. We created this well-rounded offering to help you design your well-rounded life. Staying consistent and connected is the secret to sustainable transformation and success.

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Private Recording

Exclusive monthly recording that will have you reflecting on where you are vs. where you want to be.


Monthly journaling prompts to get you clear, aligned, and flowing!


Hotseat Coaching

Monthly 90 minute Hotseat coaching call with Abigail Gazda LIVE on Zoom for the entire community!


1:1 Coaching

One 30-minute call each month with a Hearts Unleashed Support Coach to keep you on the right track.




You will have access to countless courses and workshops to keep you inspired.




Connect with other members for encouragement, support, and life-long friendships.


From the Hearts Unleashed community:

I am now more confident in myself and my work.

-Mandi W.

I found forgiveness and unconditional love for myself.

-Yesi C.

To no surprise, miracles started showing up in my life.

-Caitlin C.


$97/month for three



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At Hearts Unleashed, we are truly creating a thriving network of heart-centered folks, happy and excited to support one another, challenge each other, grow, and celebrate together.

If the Hearts Unleashed Membership sounds like the place for you to be, Welcome!
Come one, come all, and come as you are as you stretch towards your most fulfilled life.

We are happy you are here.