HULA offers the support you have been secretly praying for and a community of like-minded leaders you have been searching for. Participating in a year long, in depth program creates bonds that last a lifetime.


The Emotional Intelligence work will transform your experience of life and yourself. You will increase your capacity to receive all that you have been dreaming of. You will become the woman who is truly ready for everything she has been working toward.


This course will bring about measurable and sustainable success you have been trying to achieve without the confusion and burnout. We will make manifesting success natural and fluid.

Year long leadership mastermind and 1:1 Emotional Intelligence program

  • Created with heart-centered leaders in mind.
  • Created for leaders committed to positively impact hundreds, thousands, and millions.
  • Created to help leaders fully step into their leadership, and make a living doing it.

Why HULA? Why now?

Because you were born for this.

This course caters to those of you who feel called into leadership, whether you like it or not. It is for those who were born to lead, but have been missing the training and support.

It is your time to shift from strictly a consumer of this work to a provider of it.

The course is about emotionally intelligent leadership. 

The HULA difference.

Knowing the stages of transformation covered in this course are important to the leader that you are. Being able to identify where others are will empower you to meet, love, and guide them at their level of preparedness. This will energize the both of you in causing massive shifts and a beautiful ripple effect in this world.

The Stages of Transformation:

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