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Hearts Unleashed Book Club

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Not your average book club. 

The Hearts Unleashed Book Club is a book club created with you in mind. This is a 6-week group coaching program, book club, and self-discovery session while building a sisterhood of support in your growth and transformation! 

A unique program with a weekly book review and transformative conversations (via Zoom) for readers of amazing self-help and personal and professional development books.

The Untethered Soul

Join Hearts Unleashed Book Club host Marci Moscowitz beginning January 25, 2022 @ 7:00pm EST.

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I Am Enough Because I Say I Am

Join book club host & author Tamara Fogle beginning January 25, 2022 @ 8:30pm CST.

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Meet the Book Club Hosts!

More than just a book club.

"The community and sisterhood of the HUBC is so heartwarming and real. We created such meaningful conversations which has inspired me to live consciously. Once you learn this (as well as plenty of other gems in this book club), you are guaranteed to live life differently...all for the better. It feels so amazing!"

Jill W.

Fall 2022

HUBC Retreat

An exclusive retreat for HUBC Grads. There will be guest speakers, powerful conversations, and new perspectives gained over this transformative two-day weekend. 

Tickets go on sale September 2022.

Ready for more?

After completing your book club, we invite you to dig even deeper by enrolling in our exclusive HUBC Grad Coaching program. 

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