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No words are more powerful than your own out loud. ​

Bringing new souls together invites fresh perspective. 
Recognizing our humanity creates room in the world for love and acceptance.

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Digital Course

Have you been trapped on the Transformation Train a little too long? Are you stuck on the Self-Development wheel? This program is for leaders navigating new territory to elevate into next level leadership and operate in their zone of genius.



Are you ready to get really clear about what you actually want? This workshop will have you fully distinguish the difference between the ego goals you were conditioned to set, and soul goals - the goals of your heart!


Intention Setting 

It's time to hang up the resolutions! Learn the secrets to setting powerful intentions and a handful of tips that you can use as you give up resolutions. 


Create an Empowering Context

In this 30-minute workshop, you'll spend time sorting out your thoughts so you can get back to living an empowered life with my 9 steps for success. Learn the natural steps to being your natural self.


Surviving the Season in 7 Simple Steps

If you struggle with anxiety or depression during the holiday and winter seasons, you are not alone. I have spent years learning how to overcome this obstacle and now I am here to help you create a new relationship to the busy, bustling seasons. 


How To Get Booked

Have you been dreaming of becoming a speaker? Do you dream of making an impact with your message? In this (time) min training, I share how to make a media kit, one pager, and bio to capture the attention of hosts. I also share how I have built my career through organic marketing.


Writer's Workshop

In this 30-minute workshop, Abigail teaches you her 5 C's of writing a captivating book: Concept, Content, Construct, Consistency, and Capturing Character.


Self-love is NOT Selfish Challenge

A 5-day challenge that invites you to recreate your relationship with your worth and fall in love with you!

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3 Keys to Moving the Needle

This 3-part digital course is designed to support you through your current growth period. Are you ready to up-level your life?

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"I used to play small and base my decisions on what I thought would make other people comfortable & happy. I thought it was noble. “Putting others first” is how I justified my people pleasing but you know what they say; you can’t pour from an empty cup.⁣

I knew I was made for more and couldn’t figure out why I kept sabotaging my growth and success. I hired Abigail Gazda as my life coach, committed to growing, and chose to be true to myself. I let go of old stories and my need to please others. I put myself first so that I could best serve others.
To no surprise, miracles started showing up in my life. I started attracting the people that filled my cup. I gave up the notion that I had to be everything to everybody and just started being myself. My business is exploding! My team is promoting to the top of my company. My relationships are stronger than ever and my mindset is intentional.
I know I can take on anything that comes my way because I’ve prepared for it. I’ve done the work to build a solid foundation and so can you!"


Caitlin Chojnowski

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