Meet Abigail

A heart-centered entrepreneur, Life Coach, Author, Speaker, podcast host, and CEO of Hearts Unleashed

I’m Abigail Gazda.

I transformed my passion for education into a full-time career as a motivational speaker, author, and life coach.

I am the CEO of Hearts Unleashed, a transformation company committed to empowering people to operate with full freedom, power, and self expression in every area of life.

I am a Clarity Coach and support souls speaking up about their silent struggle and unleashing the authentic leader within.

As the host of the Hearts Unleashed Podcast, I am committed to turning dreamers into doers and helping raise the frequency of humanity with the development of Emotional Intelligence.

As a best-selling author, I personally thrive the most in life while adventuring, writing, educating, laughing, surfing, and roller blading around the SoCal coast!

 Let's face it, you didn't come here for me.
 ​You are here for you.

​I am here because one day, I chose me. I chose me over and over and over again. And here we are... at a crossroads... where we meet. The conversation is about you. The breakthroughs are yours.

You are the HEARTist.
You hold the brush.
You chose the colors.
I am the water by your side, helping you rinse the blended mess.
I am the groovy music in the background, evoking energy and thought.
I am the lamp by which you paint, shining light on all that there is to see in your masterpiece we call life.

​Let's get to work, HEARTist, you've got a canvas to paint.

Have a specific team, need, idea, or opportunity you're looking to enhance? Let's get to work. ​We've got a world to impact!

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